Open discussion with Agile Alliance board members – 15 May 2014

Agile Alliance
Instead of our regular May Open cafe, we are going to organize a very special event. You will have a unique opportunity to join Agile Alliance board members at open discussion about ‘Future of Agile’. There is no need to introduce Agile Alliance as you all most likely know them from searching for Agile Manifesto, being at the biggest Agile conference which is going to be in Orlando or as one of the sponsors of Agile Prague Conference.

If there is anything you would like to ask about Agile past, now, or future come to discuss with us.

When: 15 May, 2014, 5-7pm
Where: Praha Chodov, V Parku
Program: Open discussion: Future of Agile
Who: Agile Alliance board members:

  • Juan Banda (Bolivia)
  • Linda M. Cook (USA)
  • Samuel Crescêncio (Brazil)
  • Ola Ellnestam (Sweden)
  • Shane Hastie (New Zealand)
  • Jim Newkirk (USA)
  • Pat Reed (USA)
  • Declan Whelan (Canada)

The capacity is limited, please book your place using email