Open discussion with Agile Alliance board members: The future of Agile

We had a wonderful opportunity to host event with Agile Alliance board members at Prague. The following people discussed with the local Agile community all starting from individual development practices, documentation and product management, role of Scrum Master and Product Owner, Scrum, Kanban, and finally the future of Agile.

  • Shane Hastie (New Zealand)
  • Linda M. Cook (USA)
  • Ola Ellnestam (Sweden)
  • Declan Whelan (Canada)
  • Pat Reed (USA)
  • Jim Newkirk (USA)

And there is a good news. Even if you were not able to join, but you are still interested to know the answer to the last question “What is the future of Agile” see the video below.

Thanks to all Agile Alliance board members for their time and great answers, and thanks to all of you who attend and joined the discussion. Looking forward to see you at next open café or at Agile Prague Conference, September, 2014.